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This is my PERSONAL blog.
It’s title comes from the „quick poem” by Adam Zagajewski, the most known Polish poet abroad.
The translation of two verses that are the motto of this blog comes from Clare Cavanagh (Without End, new and selected poems, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2002).
For me the „quick poem” is not a poem about about strong contrasts (speeding car praying munks in monastery etc). I know how it is to listen Gregorian chants in the car; and it’s just make driving easier and allows to concentrate better. The Fathers of Desert used to say „stay in the clink and the clink will teach you everything”. And for the man from the poem the car becomes the clink; he’s life lay tattered, he has some undefined problems and he passes in his the car katharsis, and he passes the same as munks in the monastery – the same but not in the same way.
As far as I am concerned, this poem, these two verses „Instead of a vigil – a flight, travel instead of remembrance” tell: adapt yourself to the time, the place and the circumstances, but try to enroll in some universal heritage, your clink could be anywhere, but you need to want to have it and to stay in there.

The adress of a blog: „artystka klawiatury” means „keyboard’s artist” (or „keyboard artist” – this is a noun compaund and I am not sure) and it is who I am. My primary tool, whatever I am doing is the keyboard. Inspiration comes from the book „Kolyma tales” by Warłam Szałamow. Szałamow was a Russian poet and he spent a half of his adult life in the worst Soviet concentration camps in Kołyma, where temperatures below -50 C are not unusual; after leaving, he wrote not a factografical relation (like Solzenicyn or other writers) nor memoirs, but plenty of short, frugal stories. One of his stories was a story about a man who was maliciously called by his supervisor a „spade artist” (the title of the story was „The spade artist”) since he was trying to work in such a way that he could avoid putting too much energy in it (he was too weak, too tired and too experienced to work at all). The man was a political prisoner and of course he never desired working with a spade in the gold mine.
Since my tool is a keyboard, sometimes I think about myself – autoironically – the keyboard artist.

If you have questions, suggestions or complains, feel free to contact me:
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